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MV Photo Labs

Megargee /Van der Linde Inc., known as MV Photo Labs NYC, provides the highest quality of hand processing, fine printing, consultation and retouching services. We offer digital scanning, retouching, printing and high resolution dvd discs of your images. Our clients include many of the top photography professionals in the field as well as amateurs and hobbyists looking to advance their technique. Our specialization includes books, exhibition, portfolio printing, magazine reproduction and personal work. Orders by mail are accepted. MV Photo Labs provides consultation services for photographers looking for a specific technique or look to their final images or project. In special cases, we allow on-site print supervision to tailor to the photographer’s specifications, although there is an additional charge for this “supervised .Private and group “Fine Processing & Printing” classes are available for individuals or groups by master printer Jim Megargee. He has four decades of teaching experience, having taught at Rochester Institute of Technology and workshops in Tuscany and The Maine Media.If you are interested in attending a class or workshop, please inquire via email or call us at 917-208-9791.Workshops, NYC, among other places.

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THE DAILY BEAST INTERVIEW WITH JIM MEGARGEE – Print interview with Jim on the Kodak bankruptcy filing by Blake Gopnik.

VOICE OF AMERICA INTERVIEW WITH JIM MEGARGEE – Video interview with Jim about the affect of the Kodak bankruptcy filing on traditional Photography.

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 Past Reviews

American Photo Exhibition Review, Jan 2008;
State of the Art: Ted Kawalerski: Shooting The Hudson

Framing the Past in the Light of the Present: Ted Kawalerski, January 6, 2008
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Agfa Trends Magazine,
“Jim Megargee and Cornelia van der Linde run one of the finest black-and-white photo labs in the world. Their New York City company MV Photo Labs Inc. works for such famous photographers as; Annie Leibovitz, Gordon Parks, Matthew Barney, Peter Beard, James Natchwey, Antonin Kratochvil, Mark Seliger, Nigel Parry and many other talented photographers and friends.” “The secret behind their success lies not only in technical perfectionism and photographic inspiration but also in the close relationship which they build between themselves and their customers.”

James Nachtwey, Photo District News,
“I think printers have to have talent and knowledge but, equally important, they must have the will to go all the way and make the best print possible. After all these years Jim Megargee still has that willingness. So, in a way, I thought the prints he produced for my show were the work of both of us.”

Steven Sebring, Photo District News,
“The prints Jim makes from my negatives are just exquisite”.

Antonin Kratochvil, Photo District News,
“They have been able to show me ways to tone down my negatives and have given me lots of pointers about how I should be rating my film to get what I want from the print.”

Cathrine Wessel, Photo District News,
“You can sit down with Jim and work out how to achieve what needs to be done. He is not only an excellent printer but also someone that has a lot of passion for what he does.”

Jim Goldberg, SF California, 2012

 “I worked with Jim/MV Labs quite intensely on a large and complicated printing project. Most of the time, his intuition led him to produce some of the finest prints I’ve seen. But even when he was a little off, he took my direction and suggestions to heart and collaborated with me fully. In my experience, he won’t rest until you’re satisfied.”

Marilyn Minter, NY, NY 2012

“Jim is  a terrific printer.  He prints all of my black & white photos!  And he is a really nice guy!”

Marilyn Bridges, Warwick, NY 2012

“My work is to make fine art aerial photographs from around the globe (www.marilynbridges.com). The work is extremely costly and dangerous. When I return with the film I must have complete confidence that it will turn out right. Sometimes the lighting conditions are challenging from above and Jim inspects the rolls by hand to make sure they are given the correct development time. He is hands on and a master at what he does, which can only come from a combination of loving photography, being a photographer himself and knowing the craft. He is even there to help you with the editing and it is always nice to have another set of eyes you respect to view the work.

Jim Megargee is a magician in the darkroom. He has many tricks up his sleeve that can only come from perfect eye to hand coordination, practice and a total understanding of the medium. He has shown me what a beautiful print can look like. He has patience with me and together a mix of our visions creates something unknown to each of us, sometimes a print so splendid my heart beats faster and I realize the dream of seeing my images translated into the miraculous. In the final print the blacks are rich and always with detail, the mid- tones are graceful and blend gently into the highlights. Sometime the prints are so perfect that I don’t want to let go of them, but a photographer makes images to share with others and I am grateful to know that these archival prints will live on in a museum or on someone’s wall.