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MV Photo Labs cofounders Jim Megargee and Cornelia van der Linde have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of photography including; film, equipment, lighting, exposure, developing, editing, fine printing, archiving, conservation and photo history. They have taught workshops on these topics in New York, Maine and Italy for the last 20 + years.

Jim Megargee (website)

Co-owner and co-founder Jim Megargee is the master printer and technical consultant at MV Labs. An active documentary photographer, Jim is working on a collection of his life work for exhibition and book form.

Jim served as director of the Crealde School of Art in Winter Park, Florida, for six years; director of photography at Modesto Community College in California, for two years; and professor of photography at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, for six years. He has taught all aspects of photography.

In 1989 Jim became Annie Leibovitz’s in-house Master printer for four years. He went on to co-found MV Labs with Cornelia in 1993. Jim is a scientist and artist dedicated to the continuing discovery of the film medium. He lectures and shares his work at; colleges, organizations, workshops, camera clubs and other forums.

Jim’s work from the project “Americana” was exhibited in the 2010 NY Photo Festival in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Tens of thousands of artists are considered for exhibition in this ever more prestigious event. It was a great honor to be chosen amongst so many talented photographers.

Jim also teaches various workshops on photography in New York City, Italy and the Maine Photographic Workshops. In their commitment to education, MV Labs offers internships for young adults, aspiring photographers and those simply interested in learning more about photography and fine printing. Jim processes all the film himself by hand with infrared goggles in order to make any necessary adjustments in development. There is no extra charge for this personal and time consuming process.


Cornelia van der Linde   1964 – 2010    www.corneliavanderlinde.com

Owner/co-founder of MV Labs, Cornelia was President, CEO and driving force behind MV Photo Labs NYC, Workshops & Gallery Inc. Cornelia graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1989. After three years assisting the best photographers in New York City, she became a staff photographer at the New York City School Construction Authority. In 1991, she joined photographer Annie Leibovitz’s staff as an assistant printer, leaving in 1994 to create MV Labs. Cornelia was also a master printer at MV Photo Labs. She photographed exclusively with homemade pinhole cameras outfitted with Polaroid backs. Everything is hand held, from a few seconds to several minutes, even hours. She primarily photographed trees, foliage, landscapes and nudes. She was expanding that work to include NYC cityscapes over the last few years of her life.

Cornelia first participated in a group exhibition in New York City at Gallery 49 in 1999. She had a solo exhibition of this series in Geneva, Switzerland in the fall of 2003. After that, she took part in a group exhibition at MV Photo Gallery in NYC, featuring the works of renowned artists such as Helen Bodian, Julia Calfee, Akira Nishida, Ellen Warner and Melenie Wells from 14 July 2006 through 8 September 2006. During 2007 to 2009, Cornelia’s pinhole works were in numerous group shows in and around NYC. CBS Television used Cornelia’s pinhole images for its’ 2005 series “Love Monkey” as well as for the national hit series “Kidnapped”, staring Timothy Hutton in its 2006 Fall line-up. CBS chose Cornelia’s work as images for the set design of the stars’ homes. They felt “the quiet, simplistic beauty complemented the sets in a way that was both beautiful background decoration for the high-end homes they replicated and filmed at, yet not distracting to the action and plot of the series.” Cornelia’s pinhole images have been purchased and shown by many private collectors and galleries throughout the world.

“Cornelia van der Linde used handmade, handheld 3×4 pinhole cameras with black and white Polaroid 665 film. Cornelia explored the dreamy, tropical landscape. Her photographs, with its soft focus and tranquility, evoke familiar memories that are tangential to actual experience. Her pinhole images have been widely exhibited and are in numerous public and private collections.” (Gallery@49)

Cornelia’s most recent pinhole nudes were last exhibited in the 2010 NY Photo Festival in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Tens of thousands of artists are considered for exhibition in this ever more prestigious event. It was a great honor to be chosen amongst so many talented photographers.

Cornelia is missed greatly by all at MV that knew her as well as the clients and friends that understood her great contribution to the Photographic community in New York City. She was a rare creature and (as one friend stated) “…a force of nature, and a fierce champion of the underdog, of sincere interest, effort…..Demanding for sure, and tough when disappointed. But tender in her tutelage and loud and proud, especially in celebrating the accomplishments of those around her”.

MV Labs has a great support staff with a multiplicity of talents. Each individual brings his or her growing expertise, dedication and hard work in helping us to achieve our high standards.
Interns are an integral part of MV Labs. They are generous with their time, hard working and committed to learning. We rely on them to produce the high quality work MV does so consistently. To the hundreds of interns over the last 25 years, we are deeply grateful.