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Fine Silver Printing Workshop: From Negative to Print with Jim Megargee

To be Announced: email for information – jim@mvlabs.com

Jim Megargee is a photographer, printmaker and co-owner of MV Labs in Manhattan. He has printed for such renowned artists as Gordon Parks, James Nachtwey, Annie Leibovitz, Steve Klein and Antonin Kratochvil. A former professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, Jim has taught workshops in printing throughout Europe and the U.S. One of the most respected black and white printers working today, Jim is a master in interpreting a negative and showing how different elements can contribute to a perfectly expressive final print.

Cost $ 750.00

Updated DVD or PDF copy of Jim Megargee’s book: The Fine Print : From Negative to Print

The goal of this two-day workshop is to give students the tools and techniques necessary to gain exacting control over their black-and-white negatives and prints. The workshop will begin by introducing students to a variety of negative exposure and development methods, including the Zone System. The workshop can accommodate each student’s style of working and subject matter. Various film and developer combinations will be demonstrated and explored, including
proper film selection for the subject, and determining and controlling subject contrast through exposure and development manipulation.

Students will be introduced to various methods of how to deal with and correct “problem” negatives in the darkroom through the use of post-exposure techniques. We also will discuss negative archiving and storage.

Upon completing this workshop, each student will leave with not only an in-depth understanding of the technical tools available, but with a much deeper understanding of how to communicate their unique vision through the medium of black-and-white photography.

This workshop also includes 6 months of online consultation.

Over the course of two days, through demonstration, discussion and viewing prints of some of the world’s top photographers, we will cover:

• the negative, film exposure, development
• film and developer combinations
• paper and paper developer combinations
• additive chemistry
• printing for various media
• bleaching techniques and toning
• archival processing and storage
• print presentation
• creative decision making.

Students only need to bring their camera equipment and film, if they would like to run supervised tests to determine the actual ISO of their camera bodies and lens combinations with the film of choice. Each workshop will have a maximum of five students, but may be cancelled at the last minute if the minimum number of students is not met.

** Cancellation Policy: As we only accept a maximum number of students and have to turn away others, cancellations MUST be made 10 days prior to the workshop. If not, the 50% deposit is NON-refundable.

We also now offer individual one on one workshops.

Email Jim personally for more information. jim@mvlabs.com